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Project Poetry

More than ever we find ourselves celebrating, reflecting, and analyzing the excellence within the black culture. Black history is real, this is a fact. Black girl magic is tangible. Black boy joy has shown us his dazzling smile, but black grief is real too. In attempts to address the importance of mental health within the black community, I have teamed up with artists from different backgrounds to create an eight part creative arts series titled Hidden in Black. The project will create visual narratives centered on the seven emotional stages of grief: disbelief, denial, bargaining, guilt, anger, depression, and most importantly the acceptance that there is hope during and after the storm. Hidden in Black will uncover the many forms in which grief can transform itself into, whether it be emotional, physical, social, or religious in nature. The first of the eight is the piece above entitled Freedom; it explores a young man’s journey from heartbreak into emotional emancipation. The mantra is finding home within your own skin and bones. Thank you @albanusthierrychoreo for lending your limbs to the telling of this narrative.

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